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Posted By: Steve Parkes
15-Mar-99 - 10:49 AM
Thread Name: Tune Req: Dives & Lazarus + Brigg Fair
Subject: RE: Dives & Lazarus/Brigg fair etc
That's saved me a job! Almost word for word what we used to sing; except that ours had wicked old Diverus having to sit upon a serpent's knee. Which is not as daft as it sounds; my grandad always maintained that the serpent had legs (plenty of mediaeval corroboration) until the unfortunate business in the garden: "On thy belly shalt though go forth ...". It brings to mind the most preposterous image, however.

There's this version, too:

There was a rich man and he lived in Jerusalem,
Glory halleluiah, hi-ro-jerum.
He wore a top hat and his clothers were very spruce-ium.
Glory halleluiah, hi-ro-jerum.

Hi-r-jerum, oh hi-ro-jerum,
Skinnamalinka Doolium,
Skinnamalinka Doolium,
Glory Halleluiah, hi-ro-jerum.

Outside his house there lived a human wreckium,
He wore a bowler hat with the brim around his neckium.

The poor man died and went straight to Abraham's bosium,
Which was very nice for him but rather nuts for Abraham!

The rich man died, but he didn't fare so wellium,
For instead of Heaven, he went straight down to Hellium.

I have absolutely no idea where it comes from, as I learnt it from someone who never told me. There are one or two verses missing, I think - unless this is the Readers' Digest edition. Maybe someone can fill in the gaps.