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Posted By: Joe Offer
15-Mar-99 - 12:55 PM
Thread Name: Origins: AMEN (Jester Hairston)
Subject: RE: AMEN
I'm not near my vast collection of bookmarks and my moderately vast collection of songbooks, so I can't find what I came across a while ago on this song. I had always thought the song had been written for the film, but I believe I came across a source that said it was much older than that, perhaps even fitting the term "traditional." Anybody know the history of this song?
I think Night Owl covered all the verses I've heard. I've tried valiantly to master the verses, but I can't get the timing down. It caused me a great deal of embarrassment at a couple of Christmas Midnight Masses, so I finally gave up and sing "Halleluia" between choruses. That "Halleluia" is about the only solo they let me do....
-Joe Offer-