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Posted By: ganainm
21-Jan-02 - 01:15 PM
Thread Name: Guitar tuning DAGDAD
Subject: RE: Help: Guitar tuning DAGDAD
Hello again Mudcatters,

First of all thanks to all of you for your contributions on this rather strange guitar tuning. I feel I should explain a little more about this tuning.

As previously stated, I have been playing the Irish Bouzouki for years now, using the GDAD tuning, from base to high string. This has a beautiful sound, however I always found it to be lacking somewhat in bass sound, especially when using it as an accompaniment for songs. As a result, I started experimenting somewhat and tried to apply this tuning to the guitar. I used the exact same tuning for the top 4 strings. I left the 5th string (A) as it is and dropped the 6th string down to a low D (octave lower than normal D). This now gives me the unusual tuning of DAGDAD. Note the G 3rd is also an octave lower than usual. I know the arguments about the strings sounding slacker, but the solution here is to use medium-gauge strings (0.13). The sound is so incredibly beautiful. The great advantage also is that one can play a chord accompaniment as well as melody for tunes using the D as a low drone. Obviously one would ideally need a 2nd guitar on stage for this purpose. By using the capo, I can now play in a variety of my favourite keys, e.g. capo 2nd fret (E major), capo 5th fret (G major) etc.

Now I will return to my original question. Does anybody have any chord charts for this? I can work out most things myself, however I sometimes have problems finding minor chords.

I would like to add some comments here to some of the subscribers of this thread:

Thanks Jeri for the tip about Asto Guitar Generator, I´m checking this out now!

Alan as I said, the D 6th is a full octave lower that a normal D on the guitar as is also the G 4th and this will only sound well with medium-gauge strings.

Regarding Murray´s statement:

This is the most ridiculous tuning suggestion I have ever heard. There are plenty of useful tunings out there. This isn't one of them.

I find this comment somewhat cheap and judgmental. Hopefully you are not suggesting that Pierre Bensusan or Tony McManus or Stefan Grossman are using useless tunings. Are you a musician Murray and if so have you got a website? Would certainly love to hear some of your material! If you want to see mine, check out:

Thanks again to those I felt tried to help.