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Posted By: Night Owl
16-Mar-99 - 12:41 AM
Thread Name: Origins: AMEN (Jester Hairston)
Subject: RE: AMEN
I've had this song in my head all day today hoping that the rest of the verses would return to my idle far the only thing I remember is the last line to the last verse...."On Easter morning". Hope that will spark someone else's memory. Also, re origins of the song, I"m certain that the song was not written for the Poitier film, because in 1963 the song was already established in the Civil Rights movements. I was always under the impression that the song was a very old traditional "Negro Spiritual" but have no clue why I thought that...and could be very wrong. Am also trying to figure out how to explain the timing short and simply. I guess the trick to the timing is best explained by having you tap your foot through the chorus Amens and on the last Amen, start the verse on the upbeat before your foot hits the floor again. ???? If I had more courage, I would just send a tape of myself singing it...but that could be painful. Vixen: Curious to know what kind of group home and would you join me in a new thread re: music therapy for Hospice and/or brain injured patients?