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Posted By: katlaughing
16-Mar-99 - 12:53 AM
Thread Name: Tipple information anyone?
Subject: RE: Tipple information anyone?
Catspaw! LMAO!

It's safe here in Wyomin' Come on out, pahdner! They only let sheepmen, oilmen, cattlemen, and true gee-tar pickers in here, no teeplays allowed (they've got VERY narrow minds, here, sometimes they forget and use them to sit on!). And, they've already got the Millenium alarmists in place, along with those who believe Armageddon is gonna coincide with Y2K, and the other loonies who want to break away from the USA and start their own "white" country.

You could all stomp on each other in a rush to buy up every gun, load of ammo, foodstuff, woodstoves, bunkers, etc. before you head for the hills. But, just remember....the eyes of Big Brother can see through the walls, can read the numbers on the money in your wallet, and knows what you dream about! I don't think it's the CIA, though! In reference to the What do Mudcateers look like posting I left, "What's so intelligent about the CIA?"

Having seen my own UFO, right here in ole Casper, I can just about guarantee it's those aliens and/or the men in black helicopters (our paper even did an article on some spotted here!)ala The X-Files. Aarrggghh, where's Scully and Mulder!? Did you know they actually traced the teeplay to an obscure moon of Uranus? Maybe they already got S&M? Wait...I hear something, my dog is going nuts, the cockatiel is banging on his bars, the cats are chasing their tails, it's.....

sorry, just a normal day at my house!**smile**

Ode to Tiples:

Where do they come from? What do they mean? Something heard in a dream? A nightmare more it seems, For Catspaw & Martin(Mar-teen)!

There's got to be more, but my brain just fried! It's been real...katlaughing