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Posted By: Little Hawk
23-Jan-02 - 04:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: Another great word: pusillanimous
Subject: Another great word: pusillanimous
Yes, I know you all know what it means...well, all except for maybe Cletus and Paw.

For their benefit, it means: lacking in moral courage.

But what a great word! It is probably the word most beloved of politicians, and sometimes lawyers. They absolutely love accusing each other of pusillanimous actions, statements, etc. Washington, indeed, is reputed to be a very cesspool of pusillanimity.

"Pusillanimity" Gotta love it. What a tongue twister! A word that sounds as ugly as what it is describing.

Get on the computer right now, and type out a complaint letter to the politician of your choice, accusing him of all kinds of pusillanimous and heinous (another great word) activities.

You'll be talking his language, and he will understand.

- LH