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Posted By: catspaw49
16-Mar-99 - 09:03 AM
Thread Name: Tipple information anyone?
Subject: RE: Tipple information anyone?
Whoo...Okay, it's morning, the shadows have departed and though it's cold, the sun is shining. One kid missed the bus, a cat barfed right outside the bathroom door, Karen's Prelude has a flat...things are looking normal.

Thanks for the reality check katlaughing. I think the wide open spaces attract the strange...not you...but the assorted kooks and nabobs you mention. I 'm not concerned about what happens at the critical Y2K moment in New York, London, Tokyo, etc. I AM worried about the effects in East Bunghole, Idaho!!! What if almost nothing goes wrong??? Might be like the A-bomb scenario. "We've got this thing now, don't need it, but damn! Whaddaya' think? Let's blast hell outa' somebody anyway!" If this hits the survivalists, supremacists,, NOW THAT could be a bigger problem than anything on Y2K. Hey, I got an idea! Let's send them all tipples.

On the other hand we could talk about your moon and Uranus. Or, skip that, too hideuos for words and a picture is not readily available. But(t) when was the last time you mooned anyone(thing)(place)??? Sounds like a thread topic. "WHEN and WHO DO MUDCATEERS MOON?"