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Posted By: bseed(charleskratz)
16-Mar-99 - 10:33 AM
Thread Name: ORIGINAL thread name game thread, with rules
Subject: thread name game
I have my link to the Mudcat threads set so I always get three days worth, and as I was skimming the names of the threads I ran across a few pairings that reminded me of weird double feature postings on theater signs (none of which I can recall at the time). Anyway, this morning I ran across the following pairings (My mind is working a bit more strangely than usual--my dogs got me up to feed them at about 5:30 and I haven't had coffee yet):

These are random pairings; I chose only thread names that were together on the list (no fair skimming for names that are not together on the list):

Leaving Nancy/'I don't wanna play in your yard'

Coca Cola always tastes the same/AMEN

(cheating just a bit: they were actually in reverse order on the list):
Jo Offer, come back to us. All is forgiven/AMEN

Four men and a dog/Wedding at Stanton Mews

and the one that grabbed me first and started me looking for others--near the end of the list:

Bald, fat, and Ugly/My grandmother she at 93.