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Posted By: Little Hawk
24-Jan-02 - 05:04 PM
Thread Name: BS: Another great word: pusillanimous
Subject: RE: BS: Another great word: pusillanimous
I'm not sure which is a more tasteless concoction of a supposed female name...Mercy Humppe or Pussy Galore...both absolutely ridiculous. (* Gag *) Geez, I think we could start a whole thread on such names...

If you check out the stripper and phone sex ads in the Toronto Scum...uh, I mean the Toronto will find some other howlers like, for example...

Ineeda Mann

(my all-time favourite among dumb sexual innuendo names for women...another man is probably the last thing she needs at this point)

Imagine going through life with a name like that, taking your clothes off night after night in some disgusting establishment, beneath the jaded stares of the barely human clientele. Gaahhhh.... Almost as bad as being a travelling folksinger, and playing the bars.

James Bond was actually a step or two up for such women, although the chances of physical survival were definitely less per annum for femme fatales in his field of endeavour.

- LH