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Posted By: Burke
24-Jan-02 - 06:01 PM
Thread Name: BS: Another great word: pusillanimous
Subject: RE: BS: Another great word: pusillanimous
The OED gives credit for "gruntled: Pleased, satisfied, contented" to PG Wodehouse as a backformation from gruntled.

Older 16th cent. words, however, include:
verb Gruntle: 1. To utter a little or low grunt. Said of swine, occas. of other animals; rarely of persons. 2. To grumble, murmur, complain.

Noun Gruntle: 1. The snout of a pig, or other animal. 1.b. transf. The face of a man, etc. 2. A little grunt; a subdued grunting sound.