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Posted By: SharonA
25-Jan-02 - 05:57 PM
Thread Name: Bad news for Kendall
Subject: RE: Bad news for Kendall
Auuuggghhh!!! Kendall, I'm so sorry to hear that your situation is this serious. I'd been reading your posts, and hoping your condition was temporary . But a condition that requires a biopsy? – damn!

Six years ago, I had a lung biopsy (they thought I might have had lung cancer, but it turned out to be sarcoidosis) (still serious, but I'll take that over cancer any day!). Even though I was anesthetized and "half-out", I still remember how difficult it was to get the tube down my throat past the vocal cords. *gag* I feel for you having to have a tube in that area at all.

So, do go to Boston or another major city – to a major, MAJOR hospital where they know what they're doing – and find the best doctors you can possibly find to do the biopsy. Don't mess around with this, and don't put it off. If it is indeed a pre-cancerous condition, you'd best catch it while it's "pre".

Be sure to do research on the necessary medical procedures and the doctors performing them. I'm sure you're remembering Julie Andrews and her surgery at New York's Mount Sinai Hospital (and the resulting malpractice suit). All of Andrews's money and fame didn't save her from a botched operation on her vocal cords... so learn from her experience! Sorry that I'm being "Mary Anti-Sunshine" here, but I don't want the shock of this news to cause you to stumble blindly into a worse situation than you're already in. If you need help researching the best place to go, there are knowledgable folks on the 'Cat to help you!

Hang in there, and take comfort in knowing that we're all pulling for you.