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Posted By: catspaw49
25-Jan-02 - 06:16 PM
Thread Name: Bad news for Kendall
Subject: RE: Bad news for Kendall
Kendall, I'm sure you know, and if you don't you can see, that you have lots of friends here and we're all pulling for you and sending our very best prayers, thoughts, wishes, and whatever else we have in your direction. Before this thread is through, you'll have various incantations from all over the world and you need to look at them all and realize that you're really not alone in anything anymore.

If there are other ways that people here can help, we will, but if you let it happen, you'll feel that warmth and caring with you as you go through this. We're all on your side and we'll be right here with all the support you will ever need because, crusty old bastard that you are, we still love you.......but you know that don't you...........just as we know you're not really that crusty old bastard.

So listen, if you're around a hospital anyway, why not go ahead and have the hydraulics installed in your Willie? If you go that route, be sure to get the manual pump because a Catholic guy out in Denver had his short out as he stood in line for Communion and gave the lady in front of him an uplifting experience.