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26-Jan-02 - 07:38 PM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! - Part 80
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! - Part 80
Just a brief rejoinder
From a long time ex member
Aine, Amos, Mbo you'll remember

To no real tune I guess as this is to be set
To "Sunscreen" by Baz Luhrmann

Children of the class of 2002
"Always wear knickers"
Be proud of your tight butt
Because in later years few will remember what you had then
… and many will laugh at what you have now
Remember that your fans are divided into equal thirds
Those who are proud of and thrilled by your prowess
Couch potatoes who watch sports because they are afraid of the sunlight
… and those who find female sports titillating but are afraid to buy even a lingerie catalogue
Be aware that sad people existed before you
They also exist around you
And they certainly will exist after you
Perhaps more humbling is the fact that they would and could exist without you
Enjoy the Power of your Prime
Because if an Englishman like me can weep tears of mixed joy and pain
When Mohammed Ali lights the Olympic flame
He who knocked "our Henry" Cooper down again
You'll miss it when it's gone
Remember that even though Sir Steve Redgrave won 5 consecutive Olympic golds in an endurance sport
Matthew Pinsent might have helped a bit
Focus your mind on winning

(This next less humorous bit to be mumbled quickly as it always is in our history text books)

Like Jessie Owens did in Munich
A black man in front of Hitler
And don't remember our war as you run harder
Try a 6 million Jews – was that in Germany alone?
Or 30 million Russians defending their home?

(The loud finale)

So next time your knickers might ride up your crack
Just run for the line
… and give the team pants some slack.


Bye all