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Posted By: Aidan Crossey
28-Jan-02 - 06:34 AM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! - Part 80
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! - Part 80
I couldn't resist a parody of George Jone's "The Race Is On" – a deviation from my usual preoccupation with parodying songs from the Irish canon. (Do these parodies only work if you know the original?)

I feel tears welling up from down deep inside
My reputation's at stake
There's a wedge of cotton and it's irritating
The tailfeather that I shake
You might think that I'm taking it hard
These shorts creepin' 'tween my cheeks
But the loneliness of the long distance runner
Chokes me up so I can't speak

Now the race is on and my knickers ride up the back stretch
Lycra runners a goin' to the inside
My tears are holding back, trying not to fall
This friction – I ain't funning – makes me scratch and ache
The race is on and it looks like arseache
And the winner loses all

One day I ventured to run never once suspecting
What the final result would be
Now I live in fear of those skimpy kecks
That have been the ruin of me
There's an aching pain in my arse and I blame
The costume I'm forced to wear
Cos it's up my crack as I run round the track
And it chafes my derriere