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Posted By: catspaw49
29-Jan-02 - 03:14 PM
Thread Name: Martin Guitars - Too 'Boomy' ??
Subject: RE: Martin Guitars - Too 'Boomy' ??
We can roll around the boomy thing in it's various forms all week, but the conclusion is still the same and most of that has been said by RiB and JP. No question that the D's in general are boomy and depending on specifics of woods and bracings (as well as year) they can be overpowering, especially solo background, finger OR flatpicked. JP gets to the heart of it as, outside of bracings/woods etc., the real key is often found in the more balanced sound created by other sizes with the 0000 (or M) being generally considered to have the finest balance.

Shape plays such a role in sound that I suppose we rend to automatically take it in to the equation and talk about other things, but if there is one thing that contributes most, all other things being as equal as possible, it's shape. When Larrivee built about a zillion models, it was generally recognized that the best balance and sound was from the LS-09, a fine fingerpicker, with outstanding balance.....a kind of slope shouldered 000 size (hard to describe).

I dunno' Wes......too boomy? Sometimes, but it beats hell out of the alternatives sometimes ...*thud**plink*.....(:<))