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Posted By: ddw
29-Jan-02 - 07:32 PM
Thread Name: Martin Guitars - Too 'Boomy' ??
Subject: RE: Martin Guitars - Too 'Boomy' ??
Since my playing style uses a lot of palm damping, the Martin D-series guitars' low-end boom is pretty much wasted.

Comes right down to it, though, trying to get much meaningful discussion of guitars going on the basis of manufacturer is sorta like trying to choose a wife by the color of her eyes.

One at a time, baby —— only way to choose. Good uns and bad uns come with all eye colors and all labels.

All that said, I have one 1963 Guild D-40 that I wouldn't trade for any Martin I've ever played (with the possible exception of a 1939 HD-18 a friend of mine owns) because it fits my style better.

I also have a Cort Earth 100 and a Korean-made Palmer that I use for slide. Each has a different voice and each has its uses, none of which would be better served by paying a whole bunch of money for a Martin nameplate.

You got a Martin you like? I'm glad, but I don't envy you.