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Posted By: Mark Cohen
29-Jan-02 - 10:33 PM
Thread Name: Interim Song Challenge! No. 1
Subject: RE: Interim Song Challenge! No. 1

Hello Justice my old friend
They're trying to cover you again
Because John Ashcroft softly weeping
Saw the photographs of his meeting
And your proud metallic gleam in the flashing light
Gave him a fright
It was the Breast of Justice

Remember back in '34
They placed you on the marble floor
Like a beacon in the dark you shone
Like a goddess on a heav'nly throne
And for years and years you proudly stood and glared
At all who dared
To hide the Breast of Justice

While the people bowed and prayed
To other gods whose games they played
You alone held up this warning
To the ones whose fears were forming
And you told them, "Justice will prevail, though the prudes of any shape
May throw a drape
Across the Breast of Justice"

"Fools," you said, "You do not know
This metal skin is only show
While you beat your breast in anguished pose
Because you happen to see mine exposed
Do you think that a few yards of cloth will set you free?
Don't you see?
This is the Breast of Justice"

In every corner of the land
Wherever Justice takes a stand
Putting curtains up to hide the light
Will only make the truth burn twice as bright
And our eyes will behold the heart of liberty
Beating free
Within the Breast of Justice

(I think I got a little carried away here...)