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Thread Name: Origins: History on Frankie and Johnny
Subject: ADD Version: Frankie and Albert
Frankie and Albert

Frankie was a good girl
As everybody knows
She paid a hundred dollar bill
For a suit of Albert's clothes
Just because she loved him so

Frankie went down to the bar-room
She called for a bottle of beer
She whispered to the bartender
"Has Albert he been here?
He's my man and he won't come home"

"I am not a-gonna tell you no story
I am not a-gonna tell you no lie
He left here about an hour ago
With a girl called Alice Fry
He's your man and he won't come home."

Frankie went to the house
As hard as she could run
And under her apron
Concealed a smokeless gun
"He's my man but he won't come home"

Frankie stepped out in the back yard
She heard a bull dog bark
"That must be the man I love slipping out in the dark
If it is, I am a-gonna lay him low;
He is my man, but he done me wrong"

Frankie went down to the river
She looked from bank to bank
"Do all you can for a gamblin' man
But yet you will get no thanks
For a gamblin' man won't treat you right"

Frankie reached down in her pocket
And pulled that forty-four out
And shot Albert through that suit of clothes
People been a-talkin' about
"He's my man, but he won't be long"

"Turn me over Frankie
Turn me over slow
Turn me on my right side
My heart will overflow
I'm your man and I have done you wrong"

Frankie looked down on Broadway
As far as she could see
Two little children just a-cryin' and singin'
"Nearer My Go to Thee"
Seems so sad little Albert is dead

written to commemmorate the murder of Albert Britt by Miss Frankie Baker. Oct 15, 1899, Frankie confronted Albert about his misterss, Alice Pryor, and Albert attacked Frankie with a knife. Frankie shot in self defense. ~Foster