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Posted By: Blackcatter
31-Jan-02 - 03:01 PM
Thread Name: BS: Why is this place so redundant?
Subject: RE: BS: Why is this place so redundant?

It's funny you're the only one that has mentioned that I have trolled. Usually I get compliments for some of my statements and requests to be more clear on some of my others. That is, except for you because you seem to have a rather weak grasp of English and seem to take some of my comment out of context. That is a trolling action.

I rarely start a thread, and oddly enough, I almost always start a music related thread. I have almost never attacked anyone (I'm not perfect) and I usually only respond to other peoples attacks because its fun to do so.

Once again, GUEST, you don't seem to understand that you are not making the majority of Mudcatters upset with your actions. If you derive pleasure from have such a tiny impact on this site, good for you! (Imagine me patting a 3 year old on the head).

If you really think you're hurting the Mudcat or think you're going to make some changes around year you are sadly mistaken (patting you on the head again). Life is short - why don't you get out and see something in the real world?

pax yall