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Posted By: Charley Noble
31-Jan-02 - 04:46 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Body in the Bag (sung by D. Disley)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE BODY IN THE BAG (sung by D. Disley)
Here's another variation from the folk processing I've done over the last 20 years or so. (Tto line up the chords, copy and paste into Word with a Times 12 font)

Our old tabby cat died last night,
Me wife said, "Bury it out of sight."
We haven't got a yard for we live in a flat,
What was I to do with our old tabby cat?
Just then a great brown paper bag I spied,
And I stuffed our dear old cat in-side.


Off I went with the body in the bag,
The body in the bag, ta-rah-rah.

I stepped into a pub and ordered a whiskey neat,
Gently laid me burden down underneath the seat;
I hadn't got but part way back to town,
When I heard a voice behind me say, "Here's your parcel, Mr. Brown."
I had to give that fool half a crown,
For bringing me the body in the bag...(CHO)

I threw the bag in the river but the hero from some play,
Jumped right in to save it crying "Hip,hip, hip, hooray!"
He said, "I don't do this kind of thing as a rule,
Now I'm soaked to the skin and feeling rather cool."
I had to take me jacket off and give it to that fool,
For saving me the body in the bag...(CHO)

I crept into a garden not feeling very brave,
Found a pick and shovel and commenced to dig a grave,
But I got an awful start when a voice behind me said,
"Are ye stealing me potatoes?" Well, you could've struck me dead;
For there I was a digging on his cauliflower bed,
So I hit him with the body in the bag...(CHO)

Then, I climbed some stairs just as quiet as a mouse,
Gently laid me burden on the doorstep of a house;
Just then the door flew open and a lady dressed in blue,
Said, "Pardonnez-moi, monsieur, but do you parlez-vous?"
"Good heavens, no!" I said. "I've got better things to do."
As I fled with the body in the bag...(CHO)

I turned toward home, me feet began to drag,
Just then I felt a stirring in the bag;
I peered inside and heard a plaintive "meow;"
"It's all right," Tabby said, "I'm feeling better now."
And there were seven little bodies in the bag.

Final Chorus:

Off I went with the bodies in the bag,
The bodies in the bag, ta-rah-rah.

Charley Noble