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Posted By: Suffet
31-Jan-02 - 07:55 PM
Thread Name: Chords Req/Add: Southcoast / South Coast^^
Subject: Chords Add: SOUTH COAST (Ramblin' Jack Elliott)
Here are the basic chords, used for the chorus and most of the verses. Chord name is written direct before syllable on which change occurs.

[Am] The South Coast is [F] wild and lone- [Am] -ly,
You [F] might win a [G] game at Jo- [Am] -lon,
But the lion still [F] rules the barran- [Am] -ca,
And a [E7] man there is always a- [Am] -lone.

There's an alternate tune that can be used for two stanzas, this one below and the one that follows it i the song. Then the song returns to the original melody and chord pattern. The key switches from Am to C. I have written A# for B-flat because I cannot find the keystroke for the flat symbol.

[C] Her arms had to [A#] tighten a- [C] -round me,
As we rode up the [A#] hills from the [C] South,
Not a word did I [A#] get from her that [C] day,
Nor a kiss from her [A#] pretty red [C] mouth.

--- Steve