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Posted By: Dicho (Frank Staplin)
31-Jan-02 - 09:43 PM
Thread Name: BS: Why is this place so redundant?
Subject: RE: BS: Why is this place so redundant?
Well, lets see. Actions leading to redundancy?
1. Playing with the trolls
2. Playing solitaire (about the same thing)
3. Dredging up obscure facts (my favorite), obscure words (those from the eastern side of the pond love to post in Urdu or Manx while those on this side post American slang that went out decades ago),
4. Complaining about trolls (very popular)
5. Complaining about people who respond to trolls.
6. Complaining that nobody understands us and we are leaving forever, just to see if anyone will pat us on the head and beg us to stay.
6 Talking politics (that really goes round in circles)
7. Telling everybody that Jan. 30 is the worst day (or the 31st of Feb. or take your pick).
8. Pointing out that the sky is falling (Starbucks under terrorist attack- presumably from Second Cup)
9. BS seriously- about Microsoft, Bill Gates, etc.
10. BS What would you do?
11. Discuss Global warming, Yes/No: Lets see how many mis-information threads we can start on this
12. Bet on how many A's will show up in the next post from Catspaw
11--100. Et cetera
Oh, yes, carrots in the ears, you know.