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Posted By: mooman
01-Feb-02 - 05:12 AM
Thread Name: Help: Flute pads? Flute repairs??
Subject: RE: Help: Flute pads? Flute repairs??
Dear JohninKansas

$1600 each for a service!!!! (sharp intake of breath)

Now I know why I couldn't earn a living as an instrument repairer...I was charging too reasonable a rate!

You can certainly get saxophone, flute and other wind instrument pad sets for a reasonable price and replacement isn't particularly difficult. Spring replacement, corks and general overhaul and cleaning isn't rocket science either. The only thing I consider a real "craftsman" job on brass instruments and saxos is repair of dents and similar which is tricky. I'll check a couple of suppliers I used to use in the UK and get back.

Best regards,