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Posted By: GUEST
01-Feb-02 - 08:16 AM
Thread Name: BS: Why is this place so redundant?
Subject: RE: BS: Why is this place so redundant?
Actually Dicho, I just noticed that isn't only Mudcat's monolithic GUEST who refreshed all those threads.

In that "Actively ignoring threads" refresh (last previous post was late Sept), Mudcat member John from Hull cheerily states:

"I am igmoring a lot of threads right now, especially the stupid ones stated by Guest who cant remember his name. Guest-I am not a vioelent person but if I ever find out were you are I will get a big stickj and smash your computer to pieces, so stop trying to make trouble.john"

So there you go. Mudcat is reduntantly Mudcat because the membership has made this place a troll and flame warrior playground for people with only a marginal interest in discussing music.