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Posted By: Dave T
03-Feb-02 - 09:19 AM
Thread Name: Pick Replacement, Brand, Type
Subject: RE: Pick Replacement, Brand, Type
It depends on which guitar I'm playing. I used but Tortex 0.88mm for years but have recently switched.
For my main guitar (Graf: Spruce & ziricote), I now use Clayton Gold 0.8 mm. I like the attack & volume and that guitar can handle it.
For my old Martin 000-18, tuned in open-D, I still use the Tortex (just seems to have better tone).
I also use them 'til I lose them.
As far as hand position (good post John) it depends on style; I flatpick, but also fingerpick while holding the flatpick:
- Flatpicking: bridge anchor (but VERY light)
- Fingerpicking: pinky anchor (again Very light)
I try to keep the anchor as light as possible. That still provides a reference but doesn't screw up the tone as much or cause your hand to tense up.
- Dave T