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Posted By: GUEST,Richard Sutton
03-Feb-02 - 11:09 AM
Thread Name: Martin Guitars - Too 'Boomy' ??
Subject: RE: Martin Guitars - Too 'Boomy' ??
I've learned that there are a few things you can do to tweak a dreadnought's tone balance -- one of the ones I like, and have used for years on my D-18 (1970) is to pay a lot of attention to the relief of the fingerboard, adjusting the truss rod for enough back bow to lower the action to the point where the bass strings are not as resonant and the treble are still as bright. I have also played around (carefully) with Bridge saddle height, finding that lowering the height a bit can reduce an over-heavy bass end response. Another really surprizing tool is the new JLD Bridge system, which can put an amazing amount of sustain back into an older instrument and improve the separation and transparency on a newer instrument accross the board. Since my style is mostly finger picked, a balanced tone is really important. I've also found that compared to rosewood dreadnoughts, the mahagony ones carry a better treble response. Anyway -- that's the view from here, for what it's worth.