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Posted By: Ringer
04-Feb-02 - 09:09 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: The End of My Old Cigar (Harry Champion)
Hmmm... funny how the old memory lets you down, isn't it? May I make two corrections to the previous post?

(1) Harry Corbett singing Blow the Man Down is on the first Topic Sampler, of course, not on Hootennany in London.

(2) The End of My Old Cigar on HiL is, in fact, a duet by Martin Carthy & Redd Sullivan.

Apologies to all record-keepers. Here are the Carthy/Sullivan words:

Twenty years ago the landlord of The Star
Said "Here you are, young fellow-me-lad, here's a ninepenny cigar.
I smoked it up to Easter, and then my horrible wife
Said, "Put the nasty thing away. You'll need it the rest of your life."
The end of my old cigar, tra-la, tra-la, tra-la.
I walk down Piccadilly, I'm a regular lah-di-dah.
I may not be good looking, nor look like a movie-star,
But I tickle the ladies' fancy with the end of my old cigar.

Ten years ago, while in my surgery,
In comes a young woman, and this she says to me:
"Oh, Doctor, vaccinate me in a place that will not show."
"I'll vaccinate you, Gertie, what-ho, what-ho, what-ho!"
With the end of my old cigar, tra-la, tra-la, tra-la,
I vaccinated Gertie. Well, you should have seen the scar!"
Now whenever she gets out of a bus or into a motor-car
She says, [falsetto] "Look what the Doctor did to me with the end of his old cigar!"[/falsetto]

Five years ago, while serving overseas,
I saw the German enemy and my blood began to freeze.
The Sergeant said, "Here's tin-hat, my lad. Now put it upon your head."
I said, "If it's all the same to you, I'll put it down here instead!"
Oh, the end of my old cigar, tra-la, tra-la, tra-la,
I saved my manly virtue and the end of my old cigar.