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Posted By: Ferrara
04-Feb-02 - 03:02 PM
Thread Name: Weakest Link: The Digital Tradition
Subject: RE: Weakest Link: The Digital Tradition
You are entirely welcome not to use it m'dear.

Sometimes the search engine does seem to mess up, so I'd like to see people quit sounding reproachful when someone asks for a song that's in the DT, better just give 'em the link or the search criterion -- courteously -- and forget it, IMHO.

But -- not updated in three years? I believe you are sore mistaken.

I work with a lot of all-volunteer efforts and one has to have patience sometimes with people who are doing a huge job for the love of it. However I find that there are almost as many errors and omissions in a lot of business databases ... almost any medical establishment for example, such as the one that closed and managed to lose all of my husband's medical records ... and I get a whole lot more out of the DT than almost anything else on the web.

I repeat, anyone is welcome not to use the DT! But if you consistently refuse to use it, and ask for DT songs in the forum, don't be surprised if your requests for songs get a tepid response after a while....