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Posted By: Haruo
08-Feb-02 - 10:28 PM
Thread Name: Wanted: Songs for alcoholics!
Subject: RE: Wanted: Songs for alcoholics!
It's still not clear if this thread is really about songs for alcoholics, or about songs for drunks, or both. 'Tain't the same people and 'tain't the same songs, not 'tirely.

Of course for sober alcoholics both my Fremont Hymn and what Guest Hutzul, above and a year and a half ago, called Judy Henski's Salvation Army Song (I've always called it my Salvation Army Song, since I've never known whose it really was) come to mind, but the song I'm really surprised to see neither here nor in the DT is Let [Her] Sleep Under the Bar ("Her" is sometimes "Nellie"):

'Twas a cold winter's evening,
The guests were all leaving,
O'Leary was closing the bar,
When he turned 'round and said
To that lady in red,
"Go home! You can't stay where you are!"

She shed a sad tear
In her bucket of beer
As she dreamt of the cold night ahead,
When a gentleman dapper
Stepped out of the phone booth
And these are the words that he said:

Her mother never told her all the things a young girl should know,
About the ways of fancy men, and how they come and go (mostly go)...
Age has taken her beauty,
And sin has left its sad scar,
So remember your mothers and sisters, boys,
And let [her] sleep under the bar.

I'm pretty sure I learned it as a kid from the 1954 IOCA Dick/Beth Best Song Fest. And yes, there was an Esperanto version sung round the campfire at NOREK back probably about 1982, and I think printed in an ephemeral form. Some of the words are variable in my memory (not merely her/Nellie): "a sad/him a", "dreamt/thought", "told/taught", "fancy/college", at least.