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Posted By: Dead Horse
10-Feb-02 - 02:18 PM
Thread Name: After Stony Stratfird
Subject: RE: After Stony Stratfird
Here's to killing several birds with one stone
Well it's poor old rotten Bonzo
Bonzo boys, Bonzo
Yes it's poor old rotten Bonzo
Bonzo me boys, Bonzo
Bonzo was a scabby mutt. A pedigree he was anything but
Bonzo was no spaniel.His name was not Nathaniel
Bonzo was no hound dog. For he was just a brown dog
He was no retriever. So don't let that deceive yer
Bonzo was a loner. Hated by his owner
His owner wanted a gun dog. But found he had a bum dog
The thing that was absurd is. Bonzo was afraid of birdies
A partridge or a plover. Would make him run for cover
He tried his hand at rattin'. But soon he too packed that in
For Bonzo was afraid of rats. Even ran away from cats
Bonzo made his owner weep. I'll have that mongrel put to sleep
When Bonzo met a lady hound. She'd sniff his bum and away she'd bound
Tried to mate with a smelly old slipper. Got his pecker caught in the zipper
So Bonzo had no babies. He finally died of scabies
We didn't bury him off Cape Horn. Just dug a hole near the edge of the lawn
His shroud was made of something cheap. That we found on the old dung heap
Dug his grave with rusty trowel. Dogs nearby they did not howl
Buried him in an old ruck-sack. Buried him deep so he don't come back
In his box a rusty chain. To keep him from coming up again
Lowered him down with the toe of a boot. And on his grave no cross was put
Now Bonzo he is dead and gone. Bloody good job, says everyone
Bonzo me boys, bonzo.
Thanks to everyone that made it all so enjoyable, see you all soon, I hope.