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Posted By: wysiwyg
10-Feb-02 - 10:54 PM
Thread Name: Help: If You Post Negro Spirituals
Subject: If You Post Negro Spirituals
I wanted to make a separate thread for this because right now it's mainly the people actively working in the spirituals project who read the permathread that is shaping up. I want to catch those guys AND everyone else with this help request.

As most of you know, several of us have been working in an organized way to be sure all the spirituals posted at Mudcat can be easily found. (See INDEX DRAFT ONE. Draft Two in progress.)

One reason for indexing them is that so many of them appear as alternate titles or with slight spelling differences, depending on dialect, and other factors.

It is a HUGE help when you list the titles of these, with Thread ID numbers or links, us in the African American Spirituals Permathread.

Some of us active in the project already do this. But I need y'all to go a step further-- skim the whole thread PLEASE and see if other un-indexed titles are in there with lyrics posted. And then list THAT too. Leave a note in the thread where the stuff appears saying you have listed them for indexing. I've started leaving notes as I come across these, working through all the ones Dicho posted where others added stuff for examnple, as I go. Soon I will post Draft Two of what is indexed, so it will be easy to check if what you are looking at is indexed. This will include all the ones Dicho and others added that you can see now in the permathread as raw text, as well as the ones I found when I looked through his.

Right now I have about nine threads that are packed full of posted songs that are not (I think!) listed or indexed yet. These are piling up! So I would really appreciate y'all keeping an eye out.