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Posted By: Dave Bryant
11-Feb-02 - 06:16 AM
Thread Name: After Stony Stratfird
Subject: RE: After Stony Stratfird
Apostrophe's (!) are popping up all over - it must have been something in the beer over the weekend.

I promised Morticia the final verse to "The Old Dun Cow". As far as I know it was written by Pete Twitchett who used to run the Croydon Folk Club, in days of yore, when it was at "The Waddon". I might as well post it so that anyone else who wants it (Vectis ?) can pick it up.
I'll also PM it to Dick Greenhaus to see if he can add it to the DT version.

Then all of a sudden, in the firemen rushed,
And they saved us one by one.
But when they came to save the booze, they found it had all gone.
And when the fire was reported, in the papers the next day.
They said they found no booze at all - It must have all boiled away !

The fire really did happen many years ago at "The Dun Cow" in The Old Kent Road. It was feared that several drinkers had perished in the fire, until they were found floating in the cellar, which was Half full of water, all in advance states of intoxication.

PS. Linda (she'll be using the handle "Smudge" by the way) wants to know how much it's going to cost her to keep the photos out of the "Sunday Sport" etc. - and was Micca really taking a movie ?