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Posted By: Brian Hoskin
11-Feb-02 - 08:43 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req/Add: Keep On Keepin On (Len Chandler)
Subject: Lyr Add: KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON (Len Chandler)
Mike, are these the lyrics you're after? I don't know if they are accurate, I found them after a quick search on 'Google'.


(Len Chandler)

While sittin' on a crowded southbound train -
It happened just the other day
I coulda sworn that I was rollin' back
As the train beside me slowly pulled away.
Well my whole lifelong it seems I've been on that track
With everybody rollin' on and me just slippin' back,
And they don't wave goodbye and they don't look back ...
So I guess I've gotta... keep on keepin' on.

Some people always say what I should do -
Now that's something they seem to know so well -
Ah, but it's what I've got to do that's on my mind,
And they never seem to listen when I tell.
But it really doesn't bother me that no one seems to care,
That the stairs are full of splinters and my tender feet are bare,
And I just can't keep from thinkin' there's trouble everywhere...
So I guess I've gotta... keep on keepin' on.

Well I know you wish my tongue would turn to stone
Or that I'd a kep' it still the other day...
I said I'd like to see you walk the sea,
And you sank just like your feet were made of clay.
But there's a mountain in the bottom of that sea we flounder in;
If we find that mountain top, we wouldn't need to swim,
If we'd found that mountain sooner, just think where we could have been...
So I guess I've gotta... keep on keepin' on.

One ship sails east, and the other sails west
While the very same breezes blow -
It's the set of the sail, and not the gale
That bids them where to go.
And like the ships of the sea is the way of our fate;
The seas are gettin' stormy and the hour's gettin' late.
If that ship starts seepin' water, you know how to bail ...
You can't change the weather but you sure can change the sail -
And a harbor looks much better when you've made it through a gale!
So I guess I've gotta... keep on keepin' on!

From the album, "To Be a Man," Len Chandler