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Posted By: Dicho (Frank Staplin)
11-Feb-02 - 05:32 PM
Thread Name: Mis-spelling in Thread Titles
Subject: RE: Mis-spelling in Thread Titles
Joe, if you follow the OED, it's mis-spell. If you follow Webster's Collegiate, it's misspell, as Mary posted. The same is true for most of these words. I am old-fashioned enough that I use the hyphen if I think that there might be confusion.
"I am appalled" (to use the standard letters-to-the-editor phrase) at the mis-spellings of common words. Spelling of words such as separate is drilled into grade-school pupils, so I would suspect some of the contributors have never had schooling.
Spell-checkers are anathema to me. I do some technical writing, and I also post dialect spiritual and work songs; I like to keep some of this in Word so that I have a hard copy for use in bed, bathroom or on the fly. The spell-checker puts ridiculous marks all over the copy on my screen; a nuisance but no help. Long ago, I tried adding common scientific terms to the computer dictionary cum spell-checker, but soon gave up- there are too many. I use the old newspaper proof-reading technique and find it both faster and simpler.
I bought Webster's Collegiate with the disc, and installed it on my computer. I have found that I can use the book faster, so I keep it leaning against my monitor.
Mary, there is a simple, four-letter word (five-letter if you are Irish) beginning with "s" for your problem. I use it frequently.