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Posted By: Steve in Idaho
11-Feb-02 - 05:53 PM
Thread Name: Mis-spelling in Thread Titles
Subject: RE: Mis-spelling in Thread Titles
And there are a few of us that just don't take the time to look them up. I am a horrible speller. As a Marriage and Family therapist you would think I could spell marriage - but I get it wrong as often as not. I'm used to having a spell checker in my PC and without one here, on site (not a complaint) I just blip on past it.

Why would someone be upset over someone else's inability to spell? I certainly understand the context Murray and the rationale for it. I just don't understand someone getting angry over something so trivial. There are larger things in the world to concern myself with.

But I will work on making sure any title I do is correct. *G* Thanks for the bump