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Posted By: Steve Parkes
13-Feb-02 - 06:51 AM
Thread Name: English Folk: Harmony Singing
Subject: RE: English Folk: Harmony Singing
Bit of technical stuff ...

In two-part harmony, the 2nd part can be sung a third above (count two [sic] notes up from the melody and sing that), or a fourth down (count three [sic] notes down from the melody and sing that). In popoular music, thirds is much more usual; and fourths sounds a bit strange because it doesn't allow distinction between major and minor chords. (If there are three of you, of course, you can sing both parts.) If you're familiar with chords (either instinctively or from playing an instrument) you might introduce some movement and not just slavishly follow the melody; you might also clash with people in the audience who want to sing it their way! But these (fairly) simple things can make a 2nd part sound quite different.

Sorry if this doesn't make sense to everyone; I could easily sing out and demonstrate what I'm talking about, but it ain't so easy to describe.