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Posted By: The Shambles
22-Mar-99 - 06:47 AM
Thread Name: Help with song - The While, Drover ?
Subject: Help with song - The While, Drover ?
Can you help me please with this song, that I heard played on St Patrick's Night. I think the title is The While, Drover. I managed to write down the beginning of it, maybe you could help me with rest. I did try the title in the DT but it was not there?

Ivor Bean, a while, drover,
For 'Manny', a GOODYEAR.
An ice bend, hall harmony,
Honour 'Risky' Anne Bier.

Andy Now, armoury, turning,
Wig holding, raised oar.
Hand Island, endeavour, whelp lay,
The while, drover, Gnome Moor.

Hand, tits, know, neigh, neither,
Know, neigh, neither, Gnome Moor.
Will Eye? Play, the while, drover, know, neither, Gnome Moor.

This poses a number of interesting questions: Where is this 'spooky' sounding Gnome Moor to be found and who is this, 'Risky' Anne Bier and why should we honour her? I'm not too sure if the word, play is correct, in the last line, I could have misheard that. It was getting late.