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Posted By: John Hardly
13-Feb-02 - 09:20 PM
Thread Name: Chord Req: Everybody's Talking
Subject: RE: everybodys talkin
The link provided offers a nice tab in the key of C (Thanks Sorcha!). If you want to try something not too accurate but a bit spicier

[X00770] Every- [X00670] -body's [X00770] talking [X00670] at me
[X00770] (I) [X00670] can't hear the [XX0570] words they're [X00770]saying
[022030] They're only [002030] echo- [002020] -es of my [X00770]mind [X00670]

[X22030] I'm going where the [002020] sun keeps shining
[X00232] Through the pouring [X00212] rain [X01212]
[X22030] Going where the [002020]weather
Suits my [X00770] clothes [X00670][X00770][X00670]
[022030] Backing on to the [002020] North East winds
[X00232] Sailing on a summer [X00212] breeze [X01212]
[022030] Skipping all over the [002020] oceans like a [X00770] storm [X00670][X00770][X00670] etc.