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Posted By: Steve in Idaho
14-Feb-02 - 12:05 AM
Thread Name: ADD: The Boonie Rat Song (Viet Nam War)-chords?
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: The Boonie Rat Song ( Viet Nam War)
Boonie Rats - The "Boonies" was the jungle or anyplace that the Americans did not have a base (and there was a lot of that). American coloquialism "Out in the boonies" I think. But it was out in the field where you fought for your life every day. Down at Da Nang we had a place called the "Arizona Territory" because you could get killed out there. Cowboys and Indians with real guns - 8-10 foot tall razor grass and snipers everywhere.

And we were the Rats. Cannon fodder if you will. The Marines called us "bait" or the "grunts" as when you walk with a hundred pounds of gear on your back for 20 miles or so, in 100+ heat, with 100+ humidity you make a grunting noise when your feet hit the ground. They'd put us on a line and troll us through the boonies (or bush) until some poor sucker from the other side shot at us. Then we'd blow them up.

Yep got my tuner - Nothing but better Michael! Ol Mose is just better - How you doing anyway?