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14-Feb-02 - 07:00 PM
Thread Name: BS: Why did god make me fat?
Subject: RE: BS: Why did god make me fat?
Don't let anyone tell you there is no such thing as a metabolic problem. That's really about all there is for many many people and it is a phase of diabetes. Do a google search under high insulin levels and Syndrome X, and then read Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution (on the internet) and try to get hold of Protein Power and the Swartzbien Principal at a bookstore. There is all sorts of research, done by major professors and doctors and major universities, that shows that many many people have the above mentioned tendency to put on weight because (a) their genetic heritage (b) their exercise level and (C) their consumption of carbohydrates (excluding green and some other vegetables and (d) consumption of trans fats. Most overweight people can take weight off fairly easily by following a Protein Power/Bernstein/Swartzbien type plan. The gist is to get your insulin levels down down down by cutting out unneccessary carbohydrates (bad white flour, sugar etc.) Eat butter, olive oil and walnut oil and perhaps flax oil (controversial) for oils..oh and coconut oil too. Eat all the meat (organic, grass fed if possible) you need. Eat all the green and salad and some other vegetables (books will tell you which to avoid) you can. Eat fruit in moderation and don't drink fruit juice. Get a glucose monitor and monitor your blood sugar. Get your insulin level tested (fasted). Thinking now is that the purpose of insulin is not to control blood sugar, but to put on fat for the winter, or for famine times. Drop the insulin levels, you will likely drop the fat, or at least not continue to gain, if that is a problem. Drink 8 or so cups of water a day. Consider that you very likely have a phase of diabetes but it might not be diagnosed for another 20 years or so. Catch it now. This is not medical advice so consult with everyone you can think of. Not diet advice either..just health advice that has not reached many doctors or nutritionists etc. but is in many medical journals and floods the popular press. (also, sprinkle cinnamon on some food each day. It is supposed to be very effective in cases of insulin resistance.) mg (p.s. I am struggling with this does work and I am not gaining weight but some people, and I am in this category as I get older, have to get carbs down to practically zero (not counting the vegetables) in order to shake off the weight.) It should be easier when you are younger. Also, be sure to get out in the sunshine each day and get as much fresh air as you can.