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Posted By: Mr Red
18-Feb-02 - 11:22 AM
Thread Name: song writing
Subject: RE: song writing
I found the only way to colaborate is to subjugate ones ego. The problem comes when others are not aware of the pitfall. The problem usually starts with no and as they possess the line/concept it becomes NO and NO and of course as the energies are put into negotiating that prcipice it is not being put into the creativity.
I guess owning a line each must reduce the hazard. I solved the problem by writing it down and moving on, and telling my colaborator that is what we would do. With my cousing (Mutton Chops) the gentics helps, but with others I even now after 10 years have to ignore comments that "he" wrote this or that line, instead having to explain how we had four twists of meaning in one line (he wrote!). Sure proud of the Knittershanty though.
In my experience some intoxication helps, though laughter can be as effective as alcohol.
are these friends like minded? No negative people in the cohort? Such details might tell us something about your succesful process.