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Posted By: Spartacus
18-Feb-02 - 11:33 AM
Thread Name: song writing
Subject: RE: song writing
I think that the key is not to set out to write a song, but to consider at an exercise to make you better at writing songs. We ALWAYS drink when we do this. We have a few basic rules: 1. Choose a key 2. Choose a topic (non-sequitors are always best, because these force you to think outside of the box) 3. Choose a tempo 4. You only get 4 counts at a time-period. 5. You are not allowed to suggest anything to anyone while they think. (you are allowed to drink and go outside and smoke)

It's important to play with other songwriters who have a mutual respect for each other. And we are all folk musicians who play in the same area.

As far as taking credit, if you end up using a song you wrote in the studio or in performance, no matter how small the contribution, I always credit everyone. I don't care if someone suggested I use a C/G instead of a C, I still credit everyone involved as a co-writer. Anything less is just selfish.

It's funny, but it doesnt seem to work as well if you do entire verses because it gives the first person to go a chance to produce a whole mood and idea for the song. One line at a time ensures that no one can take over.

Again, it's primarily an exercise....