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Posted By: beadie
18-Feb-02 - 03:54 PM
Thread Name: Help: Autoharp Models: History
Subject: RE: Help: Autoharp Models: History
In the late sixties, I bought my first harp, an Oscar Schmitt creation called a "Guitaro." It was a 24 string instrument, with the chord bars closer to the tuning pegs than the butt, allowing ease of playing with having to "crosshand." It also had a sounding board arrangement behind the lower part of the instrument providing some degree of accoustic amplification. In short, it was a great instrument when you wanted to be heard and as a an accompaniment although not so great for the more "traditional" autoharp sort of music.

At any rate, mine became less and less "tunable" after many years of hard use (and not a few encounters with airline baggage gorillas) and was eventually retired to the display case in my basement. Lately, however, I have been interested in finding another of these long-out-of-manufacture beauties. Anyone out there got any leads or ideas where I might look. (The folks at Schmitt seem to scratch their heads and go , "a WHAT?")