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Posted By: CapriUni
20-Feb-02 - 06:36 PM
Thread Name: Sound Of Pear-Shaped Tones
Subject: RE: Sound Of Pear-Shaped Tones
Bear... Pear... Instead of minding my p's and q's... I guess I ought to be minding my p's and b's ... :-)

Yes, it is an interesting thread. I particularly like the different visualizations you posted Don. I'm going to try them.

I have cerebral palsy, which means that certain muscles are sometimes or always spastic (depending on which muscles they are). When I get excited, my throat muscles tend to go spastic, so my voice jumps up a couple of octaves... which is frustrating, because at that time, I am usually excited about the topic of discussion, and right at that point, I become incoprehensible.


Visualization often helps with larger muscles, I'll try these and see if they also work with my voice, too (I suspect that they will, at least somewhat). Do any of you Mudcatters here have a visualization aide that you've come up with on your own for when you're practicing? Care to share?

P.S. The sad thing for a lot of folks with CP is that their throat/voice muscles are among those always effected, which causes the words to come out slowly and/or slurred, so that even though many of them are very bright, people assume they are retarded, and treat them accordingly.