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Posted By: Wolfgang
21-Feb-02 - 05:08 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Best of the Barley
Subject: Chords Add: THE BEST O' THE BARLEY (Brian McNeill)
from the Brian McNeill songbook 'Back o' the North wind':

My (D)Uncle Jim, he (G)served his (D)time
on the shores o' the Forth, as a (A)joiner,
and (Bm)three pounds (A)ten (D)a (G)week was (D)all he (A)earned,
but the (D)wages were better working (G)Michigan (D)pine
so he sailed on an ocean (A)liner
to (Bm)build a better (D)life with the (A)trade he'd (D)learned.
And the (G)shore he (D)reached in (G)twenty-(D)three,
the (G)home o' the (D)brave, the (G)land o' the (D)free,
was (Bm)dry, as the (A)De(D)vil's (G)tongue on (D)Judgement (A)Day,
but to (G)find a (D)dram in a (G)foreign (D)land,
it's the (G)natural (D)gift of a (G)Falkirk (D)man,
and (Bm)Lady (A)Liber(D)ty (G)looked the (D)other (A)way,
or (Bm)so I've always (D)heard my (A)uncle (G)say.

Chorus: For he's the (D)best o' the (A)bar(D)ley, (A)cream o' the (D)crop.
(G)Easy on the water, I'll (D)tell you when to (A)stop.
Would you please charge your (D)glasses with the real (Fsharp m) pure (G)drop,
and drink to the (A)best o' the (D)barley.