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Posted By: Little Hawk
21-Feb-02 - 02:07 PM
Thread Name: Top 5 bob dylan albums
Subject: RE: Top 5 bob dylan albums
Yes, Khandu...the Bob Dylan and William Shatner outtakes are probably the MOST sought-after bootleg in history at this point, and are VERY hard to find. It could have been history-making music, if released, but the project foundered when Shatner insisted on naming it the "William Shatner and Bob Dylan Sessions"...that is, he wanted first Billing. Dylan walked out on him, after threatening legal action if the masters were not immediately destroyed. Rumour has it that one tape was surreptitiously "beamed up" to Shatner's ranch, where it still resides, closely guarded, along with a copy of "I Am the Best and To Hell With the Rest!", Shatner's still unreleased retrospective autobiography about his days as a star of stage and screen.

Has anyone got a copy of this Dylan/Shatner session? If so, contact the WSSBA immediately!

- LH