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Posted By: Mr Red
21-Feb-02 - 06:01 PM
Thread Name: song writing
Subject: RE: song writing
Good folks, lest we see a confusion, may I point out that Trevor is scoring private points more than public. And more in hope than accuracy. The detail of which is not germaine to the thread.
FWIW the subjugation of ego is as stated, "in the case of a colaborator who may not be aware of the mechanisms of creativity" and to concentrate on the real task in hand.
If that means one person has to be the "aware guy" does it matter if the result is rewarding?
In terms of the song writing process as outlined, I think it is a good one, and as already stated if it is mostly practice who cares. At least 1/2 of my songs have only had one airing or never. I always thought on it as "practice" as the scond prize but HEY I'll take that - I've had third and worse prizes.
OK my turn to score a point, this Song writing process involves a fair degree of communicating? Question followed by answer? Banter from quip? Interaction? Co-operation? And from what Spartacus is saying a measure of trust in the songwritees, yes?.
the only danger I see from subjugating one's ego is that you can be seen as a push-over. As I always say "Nice Guys get shit on".