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Posted By: bseed(charleskratz)
23-Mar-99 - 11:24 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Oh Brandy Leave Me Alone (Josef Marais)
Subject: LYRICS ADD: Oh, Brandy, Leave Me Alone]
There is a song of this title in the db and it is credited to Joseph Marais, but the verses aren't much like the version on an old ten-inch lp I used to have of Marais and Miranda. Here's the song, as much as I remember of it:

"Oh, Brandy, Leave Me Alone" (chorus_
Oh, brandy, leave me alone,
Oh, brandy, leave me alone,
Oh, brandy, leave me alone:
Remember, I must go home.

My sweetheart would never know me
If she could only see me now,
With a drink in my hand,
And a frown on my brow.

I tried talking to her father
To put a good word in for me,
But her father said, "No, sir, You're no son for me."


If anyone knows any of the other verses, I'd love to see them added. --seed