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Posted By: Haruo
23-Feb-02 - 05:04 AM
Thread Name: Help: Noteworthy Composer
Subject: RE: Help: Noteworthy Composer
There are lots of things about it that would be different if I designed it (he says, never having designed a working piece of software in his life)... For example, I find it extremely annoying that if I don't put measure breaks in, it won't advance the display as it plays. Since it's not uncommon for me to be trying to use it to listen to something I only have annotated as, say, Gregorian chant, in which measures are not notated, I am forced to artificially insert measures that may be quite inappropriate to the tune, and once I figure out what would have been less inappropriate, it takes a humongous amount of effort to correct it...

Etc. Still, for most of what I try to do with it it is quite adequate and, once one gets used to it, fairly efficient. Another thing that irritates me is that it's virtually impossible to get the last line of a piece to stretch across the page. They need a "force justify" feature. I keep hoping when I finally figure out how to upgrade my copy (well, it's technically my church's copy, but it's on my personal computer at home) I will discover that these little glitches have been fixed in the new version.