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Posted By: Pied Piper
23-Feb-02 - 06:53 AM
Thread Name: NEWS for visitors wanting to play in UK
Subject: RE: NEWS for visitors wanting to play in UK
Good News for visitors,come and play anyway and ignore the law. I play regularly at sessions in England and I'm not going to stop for some silly rule.Where's your sense of adventure?Do you only cross the road when the green mans flashing?.Show some bottle. Babylons to buisy to notice most of the time.As far as I know ther ar'nt any session police(you try getting the council to do anything outside office houres or at the weekend). Where are the licencies in all this? after all they make the brass out of sessions,or is it there usual attitude that there doing us a faver by leting us play. Besides its the landlord who takes the rap, ther not going to arrest us. So keep on playing and if the guy who makes the money is to stingy to pay for the appropriate PEL,TUFF.